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World Music from Germany?

Holger Saarmann presents a completely different side of Folk music from his country. On a long search for traditional roots, he gathered a range of rather intimate and silent songs in his native language; rarely performed airs full of melancholy and beauty, others bursting of wit and sarcasm. 

This programme reveals that there is more to German folk songs than hiking and hunting. There are ancient songs of love and farewell, of deaths and maidens, of dukes and beggars, of revels and revolution, of luck and loss, of rings and riddles, of seduction and devotion, of green pastures and cool valleys.

"Under der Linden" is the international version of "Jockel will nicht Hafer schneiden".

Moderation is possible in English or French.

Listen to the collected music samples here, on the online jukebox last FM.
The German folksongs CD
Hüt dich, schöns Blümelein! may be ordered here, at the shop.



"With a clear supportive tenor voice and a highly virtuous guitar playing ... his airs filled the church room, which was sentimentally illuminated by candlelight only. To mention in particular: The beautiful voluminous instrumental accompaniment, not limited to plain chords.

Einbecker Morgenpost

" Holger Saarmann emphasizes new ways how to deal with German Folk Songs." 

Radio Bremen

"... He has the natural gift to root through centuries and cultures and to reveal many a piece of discovery, lively and lovingly. Although he sang German ... he avoided any echoes of casual Hump-Ta-Ta, which now and then goes with Folk Songs in this country. Here could be a/ his promising development: To clean the traditional poetic ballad from the refuse and to bring them home to today's listeners. ... The guitar not simply accompanies, but runs parallel and intertwined to the stories' characteristical expressions."

 Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung

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